Beginner's class

This class consists of 5 sessions in which you'll learn the basic bouldering techniques.
The fee covers a monthly pass as well as shoes and chalk during the course sessions.
The sessions always take place from 7:30 PM to 9 PM.
The monthly pass is valid for the entire length of the class.
Schuhe und Chalk sind nur für die Kurstage im Preis inbegriffen .

Course Fee:
Regular: 78€
Sudent: 70€


Next Class starts: Wednesday 04th of March 2020

You are only registered once the fee has been paid in cash or via bank transfer.

Unfortunately there are no reservations any more.



Advanced Class:



Training smartly

5 Sessions about all aspects of bouldering

1. Spotting and safety during Bouldering

2. Bouldering as both strength and technique training
3. Climbing specific
4. Warm up, Flexibility and additional training
5. Injuries, Injury prevention and taping  


Next Class starts: March 2019 – the exact date will be announced soon

Class Fee:
69 Euros including a monthly pass

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