Children's training groups


The BoulderWorx gym offers classes for children of all ages. Here the children can learn to climb and exercise with their peers.


All groups are taken care off by one or two trainers consistently. Each trainer takes care of at most 10 children at once.


Since bouldering is a very complex sport it poses a lot of very different challenges to children. In order to enable them to manage those we make use of many different methods of training and climbing-specific games.


Depending on the children's age the training ranges from first developing proprioception to first playfully getting to know climbing techniques to systematic bouldering training.


Before the joining a group, please come to BoulderWorx for a try out session in order to see which group will be the best fit for your child. Just call us and we'll make a date.




Try out session

8+3 Euro

Monthly Fee


45 Euro

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